My People’s Tree App Turns Your Family Tree into a Game of Topple

Sculpteo introduced its vision for 3D printing not too long ago, allowing you to upload images and have them “printed” on solid objects like ceramics. Now, Sculpteo is ready to print you a whole family tree.

My People’s Tree looks a little bit like the board game Topple, except this tree won’t come crashing down, saving you from the metaphorical discomfort that would cause. You can have family members’ faces “printed” on leaves that attach to branches, which in turn are secured to the base. After making the initial order, you can continue to order more branches and leaves as your extended family grows.

In order to get started with My People’s Tree, get the accompanying iOS app, which allows you to upload images and order parts of the tree directly from Sculpteo. Each branch set comes with five branches, and costs $24 each. You can choose between a couple different styles for the leaves, which cost either $5 or $7. Not bad for a true first – getting your very own physical family tree that grows.

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