Nokia Lumia 900 Drops to $49

Back when the Nokia Lumia 900 launched in April, we were quite impressed with its very comeptitive price point of $99 with a 2 year contract. Well now Nokia has gone and announced that the phone’s price is being dropped to just $49.99 with a new year contract from AT&T. We can’t help but speculate that this price drop is in reaction to the announcement that Microsoft recently made, saying that no current Windows Phone 7 devices will support Windows Phone 8. Nokia must have realized that that news could be scaring people away from purchasing the Lumia 900. And heck, why shouldn’t it scare them with Windows Phone 8 practically just around the corner!

With that said, it is important to keep in mind that the Lumia 900 is still a leading smartphone, and for just $49.99, it’s an even better value than ever. And although the Lumia 900 will never see the light of Windows Phone 8, it will be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7.8, which will bring with it, a lot of traits from Windows Phone 8. Besides, how many smartphones can you pick up in pink nowadays?

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