Philips Made-for-Android In-Ear Headphone Review

Headphones with Mics and Control Buttons seem to be hit or miss on Android. Philips designed a pair of in-ear headphones with our little robot friend in mind, Android-compatible. It’s not only compatible with Android, but the headphones are optimized with Android through the use of the Philips headphone app. Nicely enough, the Philips SHE9005A is also compatible with iPhone. The Philips SHE9005A are an affordable set of earbuds that feature a tangle-free woven cord, a control button + mic, and form fitting eartips.

What’s in the Box:

-Philips SHE9005A In-Ear Headphones
-3X Pairs of Hybrid Silicon Ear Caps
-1X Pair of Comply Foam Ear Caps


The Philips SHE9005A are in-ear headphones. They’re regular size buds and feature a gun-metal grey metal housing with red accents. It’s a 1.2 meter Y-shaped cord; the tail is covered in fabric, which feels nice and keeps the headphones from easily tangling. The top part of the cord is regular rubber and features a button with mic and a cable slider, which also helps prevent tangles. About a foot below the left bud is the microphone with a universal button, no volume buttons.


There’s a Philips Headset App available on Google Play (Android Market) that allows you to customize the behavior of the control button and also personalize the audio experience. The app allows you to customize music control functions and phone calls with the single button by use of clicking patterns (ex:single click, double click, holding, etc). The MySound feature allows the user to choose how they want their music to sound on their music apps. The options are: warm, powerful, bright, clear, and balanced.


The special Android features are compatible with 2.3 and later on HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and LG. The buds are powered by a 10mm ‘high performance’ speaker.


The hybrid silicon ear tips are nice, but the foam ear cushion tips are one of the best features of the SHE9005A’s. The foam eartip is much like an ear plug where you mold it with your finger and it expands in your ear. This perfect fit earbud keeps the headphones from constantly falling out of my ear, a problem I am way too familiar with. The noise isolation is better with the non-cushion ear tips, but still not too bad with the cushion.

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As for audio quality, the SHE9005’s will not disappoint for the price. They have pretty good audio quality, and they’re definitely improved with the Android app, but I found them to be a bit empty sounding. The bass is on the light side and the treble is good. Music just sounds a tad hollow, if you want to nitpick. They’re capable of going up to high volumes without distortion. The Philips Headphone Android app does a good job of making it easy for a user to customize the listening experience. Customizing the control button is a nice feature, but the default settings are as good as can be. The microphone was very clear on phone calls. Even though the entire cord isn’t cloth, it’s a nice sturdy cord that should last. The cords not exactly tangle-free, but it’s not too far off.


For $30 from Amazon.com, the Philips Android Earbuds (SHE9005), are worth the price. The audio quality for that price range is on par, the control button with mic is an essential feature to have these days, and we were especially happy that the mic is clear, and all features work with iPhone ( if you happen to not an Android device). The Philips Android SHE9005 headphones are currently available.

The Good: Comfortable, Foam Ear Tips Keep Headphones from Falling Out of Ears, Mic+Control Button, Android Optimization App, and Affordable.

The Bad: Audio is a bit Empty and no iPhone App makes this a tried and true Android headset.

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