Run Puma Run Game is Pure Pixel Olympic Goodness

It’s pixelated, it plays like an NES game, and, best of all, it has a beautifully authentic pause chime when you switch tabs on your browser. It’s modern-day 8-bit crafting at its finest.

Ahead of the Olympics, Puma has put up an 8-bit style game called Run Puma Run on their website. In the game, you choose between a golfer, a footballer, a driver, a cricketer, and a runner who is almost certainly meant to be Usain Bolt (who, if you’ve never been to their website, Puma is very friendly with). Players will need to hurdle obstacles while switching lanes to pick up medals (good thing there are no lane violations in the 8-bit world). The point? Rack up the highest score, just as it was in the good old days of gaming.

You can get your 8-bit Olympics on right here.

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