Samsung ES9000 75” Smart TV Gets Street Price and Angry Birds?!

That massive new Samsung Smart TV we saw a couple weeks ago now has a confirmed United States release date and price – you’ll be able to get your hands on the 75” monster in August for the equally monstrous price of $10,000.

The 3D LED-backlit smart television will come with a retractable camera on the top for video chat, along with all the voice, gesture, and face recognition controls that are coming standard in all of Samsung’s 2012 smart flagship televisions like the ES8000. The television itself will look almost borderless, thanks to a very slim .31 inch curved bezel. Four pairs of 3D glasses will be included with the television. For owners of Samsung Series 6 and 7 Wireless Audio with Dock Systems, the ES9000 includes Sound Share, which automatically connects to those audio systems via Bluetooth. However, Sound Share will also connect with most bluetooth speaker systems too.

The TV can also play Angry Birds. Now, stay with us, because I know that doesn’t sound very exciting at this point. With the ES9000, along with any LED Smart TV model number 7500 and up and Plasma 8000 models, people can play Angry Birds for the first time ever without physical controls of any sort. That’s right – you’ll be able to play Angry Birds with only gesture controls. As if we needed any new incentives to keep playing Angry Birds, now we have some new ones.


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  1. Many articles say samsung 75″ is $17,600. I don’t know which one is right…. think it is overpriced considering that it is not either OLED or UDTV.

  2. I aint payin no 10,000 bucks for a game about birds. the only thing i’d drop 10 k on a tv for would probably be oled tv that lg showed. 

  3. The $17,600 price was the South Korean won price converted into US dollars. $10,000 is what Samsung has announced for the United States market.

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