Speck CandyShell Flag Case for iPhone 4/4S – Review

There’s no better way, and no better time, to show off your American pride. Independence Day and the Olympics are upon us, and Speck proudly delivers the best way to celebrate. Team USA is just one of 18 flag-themed cases in Speck’s CandyShell Flag Case for iPhone 4/4S lineup. Speck’s CandyShell cases have been out in the wild for years now; their superior protection is proven, and now they sport a little extra pizazz.


As mentioned, the Speck CandyShell has been in the iPhone accessory scene for years now (which is decades in iPhone years). Its design is, or was, unlike anything out there. It fuses together a tough plastic hard shell with a soft rubbery interior. While it’s on the bulkier side, it offers supreme protection for your iPhone, in a package that’s still practical enough for every-day use.

One of our favorite features of the CandyShell is the rubberized button overlays. It makes life easy when you don’t have to dig for a button (some digging is required to access the vibrate toggle, though). We’re not crazy about individual cutouts on the bottom of the case for the speaker, dock connector, and mic; we prefer just one bottom cutout. Other CandyShell gripes include the tricky removal process and how the rubberized bezel around the screen wears over time.

It seems like lately we’ve only been reviewing Union Jack Cases, so an American Flag case is refreshing. This CandyShell is glossy Navy Blue, with bright red accents. There’s one American Flag (sort of) running across the back and sides of the case. Lastly, there’s a white ‘USA’ on the side.

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Whether you’re rooting for Team USA, flaunting some American pride, or living by the mantra “What Would Captain America Do?“, the Speck CandyShell is a proven case with superior protection. Its rubber buttons and fun design also make it a great every-day case. It’s currently available from Speck.com or Amazon.com for $39.95.

The Good: 18 Countries & Flags, protective, button overlays, and classic design.

The Bad: Bulky, tricky to remove, and bezel wears over time.

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