Tetris Alarm Clock Makes Waking Up a Bit Less Painful

It’s actually a genius idea – the Tetris theme greeting you every morning will get you to reach for your phone and start a game. By the time you’re done with a game of Tetris, you’ll be wide awake. You might also still be late after playing a whole game of Tetris, but that’s another matter.

The Tetris Alarm Clock wakes you up to the thundering beats of the original Tetris theme. The only risk is that you’ll develop an association between the Tetris theme and having to get out of bed – an association that isn’t exactly what most would call a positive one.

But, you can’t help but love the fan service with this alarm clock. The buttons are all shaped like tetrinimos, with each shape available in Tetris getting fair representation. When the time changes, falling tetrinimos on the display form the new number. The .gif on the sales page makes the effect look a little chintzy, but it’s hard to tell if the animation is accurately showing what the clock does.

The missing piece for your mornings can fall into place for about $40. You can pre-order a Tetris Alarm Clock on Firebox now, but no ship date is specified yet.