Urban Fidelity Speakers Combine High Quality Audio and Urban Art

Los Angeles-based Urban Fidelity is looking for Kickstarter funding for its line of urban art-inspired hi-fi speakers. The loudspeakers combine custom hi-fi audio tech with some of the best urban art coming out of Los Angeles and non-toxic materials to create something that is loud in more ways than one.

The Urban Fidelity speakers, unlike traditional loudspeakers, are board-thin, and emit sound both backward and forward. Instead of using multiple drivers, Urban Fidelity went in on one high-quality driver designed in-house, which features two cones that produce high and low frequencies, keeping the whole range of frequencies integrated. The intended result is something that sounds a little bit more like live music.

There’s also a focus on keeping things eco-friendly. The wood in the board of the loudspeakers hasn’t been treated with formaldehyde, and the paints and inks used are water-based. The inks and paints are also baked into the wood, which should preserve the artwork better over time.

The Urban Fidelity speakers are passive, and can be powered by anywhere from 8 to 80 watts from an external amplifier. The speakers are designed to work with most home theater systems.

If the Kickstarter successfully raises enough money, the Urban Fidelity speakers will be available in one of dozens of art designs. All of the speakers will be manufactured and assembled in Los Angeles. In order to guarantee yourself a set of speakers, you’ll need to chip in $269. That’s for the first 50 people who take advantage of the early bird deal – after that, you’ll need to throw in $299 to guarantee yourself a set.

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