Yabazam Brings 3D Movies to Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung Smart TVs, for the most part, have 3D functionality. Of course, that doesn’t do much for you without 3D content. Yabazam aims to bolster the 3D selection for Samsung Smart TVs with their new app.

The Yabazam 3D movie app won’t be a movie app just yet – for now, you can only stream 3D movie trailers for offerings available on Yabazam. Later this month, those actual 3D movies will be made available as pay-per-view downloads.

The 3D movies themselves are a little off-the-wall, but you might find something of interest. Right now, it looks to be stocked with a few shorts, both animated and live action, some documentary-like footage, and a 3D rock music video. For some, the experience looks like it gets dangerously close to paying for the novelty of 3D, and not the content itself, which probably isn’t the best model for the consumer. Currently, Yabazam has a collection of 45 videos, a number that figures to increase along with the visibility the company will get from an app for Samsung’s Smart TVs.

Despite not having the most inspiring catalog, Yabazam does at least manage to expand the library of 3D content that is available to Samsung Smart TV owners. And, if you happen to find something you like, that’s always a plus. Unfortunately, the pay-per-view model is surely going to be a turn-off for many. We’ll see how the app improves in the future.

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  1. Ok. Yabazam is coming in a little too hot and a little too late. This is basically a netflix type app with 3D movies, no big deal. Netflix has an already larger base of movies anyways. Samsung needs to stop bringing in all these “exclusive only on samsung ” apps and focus on building their own 3D content within their smart TV like LG’s 3D smart world for example. 

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