10 Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Cliches That We Can’t Stand

When Facebook first introduced the Timeline Cover Photo feature on profiles, we initially thought – “this is neat!” That was until people started abusing their cover photos! You know what we’re talking about – photos of “breathtaking” scenery, nauseous happy couple shots, cute kids… how can you not roll your eyes?

Are you guilty of using a cover photo cliche on your Facebook timeline? Read on to find out.

1. You’re kids are just soooo adorable.

2. You went somewhere really tropical, good for you!

3. Homies for life. Sigh.

4. Awww, the happy couple.

5. The Clever photo. Actually, this one we kinda approve of.

6. Shameless self promotion.

7. I have a pet!

8. The movie I recently saw that I really like… Are you 12?

9. Clouds. 

10. A lake.

But wait, there is more! Check out Virgin Mobile for 10 other Facebook Timeline Cover Photo cliches that we’re already sick of.

Disclaimer: Helena Stone works with Virgin Mobile as a Virgin Mobile Ambassador. All snarky remarks are 100% her own.


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  1. Seriously low hanging fruit here that fails to be funny. The

    Helena T. Stone I went to Europe all emo in B&W timeline photo… now that’s funny shit!!

  2. For the record, I don’t have any of the above as my cover photo, but REALLY? What’s wrong with people wanting to put their kids, pets, friends and vacation photos as their cover? If it’s for a brand, that’s a different story, but come on! People are people! Let them be!

    In fact… I just might change my photo cover right now…

  3. YEAH WTF. The author of this article is a hater and probably written by 20-year-old some idiot intern. stop drinking hate-oreade.

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