Does Apple’s 2010 Presentation Prove Samsung Copied the iPhone – You Decide

Here’s the latest in Apple and Samsung’s wonderful patent slapfight, which has definitely been a productive use of time, energy, and resources. Apple has now struck back with what it believes is damning evidence that Samsung’s Android phones are guilty of stealing many of Apple’s patents. It’s wonderful that we can completely get behind Apple on this one, because stealing and adapting technology is wrong, and that’s something Apple would never, ever do, in any form.

Apple has made available their original presentation to Samsung decrying the alleged copying of some of Apple’s patents. The presentation was made in August of 2010 to Samsung executives, followed by an offer to license the technologies cited to Samsung as a potential solution, an offer Samsung politely or otherwise declined.

You can page through all 67 slides of the presentation at your leisure below. The patents range from highly technical patents involving runtime and system architecture to the absurdity of patents awarded for such things as slide-to-unlock technology.

Via Cnet


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