Bar10der is a Bartender’s Swiss Army Knife

Always be prepared. No one ever said that saying doesn’t apply to parties, too.

Next time there’s an impromptu party, looks like you’ll be the go-to bartender if you’re packing the Bar10der. Hopefully you’re ready for the great amount of responsibility that comes with wielding such a formidable tool.

The Bar10der is more than just a clever name – it really is the Swiss Army Knife of the bar, packing in 10 implements to make the night (or day, I’m not judging) a success. Included are a muddler, a stirrer, a knife, a channel knife (for garnishes), a zester, a reamer, a jigger, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, and a strainer. It’s everything you need to make just about any cocktail perfectly. It’s too bad this didn’t show up earlier in the summer.

No word on exactly when the Bar10der will be available, but when it is, it will sell for about $50. Keep an eye on the web page for updated availability information.



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