Bathing Beauty iPhone 4/4S Case is Obscene in Design and Price

Here, we have a nigh-perfect storm of Internet disaster. This Barnumesque spectacle is so bizarrely fascinating on so many levels, it’s almost surreal. It is the proverbial slow-motion train wreck.

First, who buys this? Now, at the risk of cynicism, far be it from me to say this brand of perversion doesn’t have wide appeal, but is there anyone actually brazen enough to wear that on their sleeve (phone, whatever)? Is there any place on Earth where you wouldn’t instantly become a social pariah upon whipping this out in public?

The worst part isn’t even that you’re saying you’re a pervert (more like advertising the fact) – because let’s be honest, the porn-watching community isn’t exactly a small one, for either gender. You’re saying that you were sucker enough to spend good money on something perverted in the most puerile sense, and are now showing off that great decision making to the general public. It’s like you want to show off to everyone that you’re a pervert – but not too much! – or people might think you’re weird.

We can also talk about how the woman’s head can be used as a stand (so useful!), or how the case isn’t even bold enough to be genuinely risqué. But, really, the best part about this product is the sales copy, apparently written by an underpaid staffer who hasn’t even bothered to conceal his or her contempt for the target audience of this case.

By the way, it’s $62. It’s a grotesque spectacle only fit for the ongoing circus that is the Internet.

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  1. OK that is just well bizarre. BUT the same person who buys this will likely buy a sweatshirt for their IPad.

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