Party on Dudes! Bill and Ted Heading For a 3rd Excellent Adventure?

Image Credit: Aintitcool.com

Do you remember the times when Keanu Reeves showed emotion in his movies? I do. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure introduced the world to the utopia-creating Wyld Stallyns, destined to change the world with their excellent music and deep philosophizing. It was decidedly not bogus, unlike their second journey.

It’s been a good 21 years since Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, but talk of a third movie has been circulating for years, and now Ted himself has revealed a little about what the next movie might have in store. Keanu Reeves has been to the future of Bill and Ted, and has returned to regale The Hollywood Reporter with what he’s seen.

Bogus Journey saw the Wyld Stallyns launch their excellent career, but it sounds like the last 21 years haven’t gone so hot for Bill, Ted, and the princesses. They will journey into the future, meeting bogus versions of themselves who have failed to write the one life-changing song that is meant to alter the world.

Unfortunately, we live in a bogus world where George Carlin has passed away, so the duo will have to struggle through things without the help of Rufus. The script is said to be completed, and is by the series’ original creators, so we won’t be subjected to a bogus imitation. Maybe we’ll soon see if we’re all still ready to party on with Bill and Ted.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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