Boombotix BB2 Wireless Portable Speaker Review

You’ve never seen a portable bluetooth speaker with as much attitude as the Boombotix Boombot2 (BB2). The little monster man speaker stands 3.5 inches tall and features a rechargeable battery, bluetooth and wired audio capabilities, a snazzy Japanese urban design, a tough body, a strong clip, and of course a speaker that booms.

What’s in the Box:

  • Boombotix Boombot2 (BB2)
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Short Auxiliary Cable
  • Sticker and Poster

By the looks of it, you wouldn’t expect the Boombotix BB2 to be a Bluetooth speaker. Its small size and fun, or scary, design disguises it as a toy or collectible. The BB2 comes in 6 wild designs, all featuring a large speaker grill, a smaller speaker grill, an LED star, and three rubberized buttons. Two of the buttons are for volume control and the other is for power and syncing. On the back of the Boombotix BB2 is a large clip and a rubber port cover for the mini-USB charging port and the 3.5mm line-in input. The clip is strong and perfect for attaching Boombotix to a backpack strap, a belt, or even a bike if you get creative.

The device itself is made of a really dense plastic; it’s far from fragile. It’s durable enough to survive most any drop, basically unscathed. Plus it’s covered under a one-year warranty for just about anything.

Pairing the Boombotix to your Bluetooth enabled device, like an iPhone, is no different than any other Bluetooth device. Enter pairing mode, find Boombotix from the Bluetooth menu, and use passcode “0000” if necessary. Your iPhone or Bluetooth device will remember the pairing and will start streaming music as soon as Boombot is turned on.

The Boombotix BB2 can get surprisingly loud for a speaker its size. It’s louder than anything we’ve heard at this size; you can turn up Boombot to a volume level that could satisfy a small party. Granted, the louder it gets, the more audio distortion you can hear. The audio quality is okay. There’s very little bass, and it lacks the warmth of a larger pair of speakers. At a regular volume it’s decently clear. For an in-home speaker, you could do better, but for random get-togethers, bike rides, and trips to the beach, it’s amazing. Also, it’s completely wireless and has a solid range. There’s next to no delay on wireless streaming. The battery lasts for about six hours and only takes an hour or so to fully charge.

One of the neat features of the Boombotix BB2 is that it plays nice with its brother the Boombotix BB1. With an audio cable connecting the two, you can listen to your music in stereo, and at twice the volume. The real difference between BB1 and BB2 is that BB1 lacks Bluetooth capabilities.

Boombotix Boombot2 (BB2) looks unlike any other portable speaker out there. It comes in 6 unique designs, all with very different finishes and patterns. Four of the current models are limited edition, including our model, the BB2 Sunnuva Birch. They’re sure to appeal to anyone in the collectables market. The BB2 is a terrific travel buddy, and you can rest assured knowing it can survive most any trip (except underwater). The 6 hour rechargeable battery is very convenient, plus it’s completely wireless! The Boombotix BB2 retails for $69.99 and an extra $5 for limited edition models. Some can be found for a few dollars less on Amazon. The price is a bit steep for a speaker, but in addition to being a potential collectors item, it packs some of the loudest audio into the smallest package possible. Plus you can’t beat one year with a “no matter what” repair/replacement policy.

The Good: Really Loud, Wireless, Includes Retractable Aux Cable, Mini-USB Rechargeable 6 Hour Battery, Great Designs, Portable, Durable, One Year “No Matter What” Warranty

The Bad: No Built-In Music Controls, A Bit Pricey, Subpar Audio

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