iPhone App of the Week: ChoreMonster Might (Just Might) Get Your Kids to Do Their Chores

It’s true, it might not work. But, if you have kids and have a hard time getting them to do their chores (so, if you have kids), ChoreMonster is at least worth a try.

ChoreMonster is an organized reward system for chores that puts control squarely with the parents. Both parent and child create separate accounts using the app. Parents can then create schedules of daily or weekly chores, assigning points to be received for each chore. Points are only disbursed if the parent, using the parent account, confirms that the chore has been completed (according to certified mom/dad standards).

Parents can then set up a store of sorts, where children can go to spend their reward points. Double bonus for parents – if it all works out, you’ll have motivated kids, and you won’t even need to pay them an allowance!

Yeah, that’s not going to last long. But you might as well ride that wave for as long as you can.