OrigAudio’s Customizable Designear Headphone Review

We’ve reviewed our share of custom headphones, but none are nearly as customizable, or as affordable, as the OrigAudio’s Designears. The Designears are On-Ear headphones where you can upload your favorite pictures and decorate the ear cups and headbands completely from scratch. Finally, a truly unique pair of headphones!

The Designears are over-ear headphones. They are very plasticky, but it gives them a very lightweight feel. They have large earcups that swivel in two directions: up and down for a comfortable fit, and side-to-side so it can fit in the flat travel case. The side-to-side swivel also lets you go all DJ and hold one headphone to your ear. There are large donut cushions around each earcup. The ear cushions are a bit stiff, but we’ve felt worse. On the underside of the adjustable headband is a cushioned pad, which is lightly glued on. We could see this cushioned pad falling off at some point.

There’s a straight headphone cable that comes out of the left earcup. The cable’s not removable. It has a volume control wheel that’s independent of the device audio. It uses a regular 3.5mm headphone jack, for complete compatibility. There’s no ControlTalk, button, or mic. The cable’s pretty thick and doesn’t easily tangle.

The Designears come in a white or black base color. The custom design covers most of the earcup and headband exterior. OrigAudio gives you a ton of flexibility when it comes to designing the Designears. It seems like you can upload as many pictures as you want. You can lay out your designs however you choose; you have outlines of the earcups and headband so you can perfect your future headphones. There are also neat pre-made patterns that you can use as well as custom text labels.

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In terms of audio, the Designears are pretty good. They’re very clear, however they’re hollow sounding. The mid-range audio sounds recessed. The bass is good, but it overpowers the mids. The highs are crisp and defined. The Origaudio Designears don’t sound bad, there’s no distortion, they just don’t sound true to how the music was intended to be heard.

The best part of designing the Designears is that you can get as crazy as you want with the design, and there’s no additional charge. I can use separate pictures for each earcup, and 5 different pictures on the headband, and it still costs the flat fee of $69.99. In the custom headphone market, that price is unheard of. Even better, they only take 1-2 weeks to arrive. While the audio could be more balanced, they’re decent headphones for the price. The Designear Headphones are currently available for customization at Origaudio.com.

The Good: Customizable, Custom Artwork/Pictures, Good Design Interface, No Additional Charges, Include Hard Travel Case, Swiveling Earcups, Quick Shipping
The Bad: Very Plasticky, Uncomfortable After an Hour, Headband Cushion Lightly Glued On, Audio Sounds Hollow

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