Dreyer’s/Edy’s Donates $5 to Operation Smile for Every Facebook Smile Collected

Want to help brighten a kid’s day? This summer, you can do that in three steps – eat ice cream, smile for the camera, and upload to Facebook. Easy, right?

Dreyer’s, or Edy’s as it’s known in the eastern United States, has paired up with Operation Smile, a charity dedicated to funding surgeries for children born with cleft lips. Kids with cleft lips or palates have ill-formed mouths that make eating, speaking, and smiling very difficult, if not impossible. Surgeries are most effective when they are done as soon after birth as possible, which is part of what makes Operation Smile so important.

So, Dreyer’s is hitting the road, stopping by festivals and fairs across the nation this summer with their Slow Churned Light Ice Cream. They will provide the ice cream, and you provide the smiles. For every ice cream-induced smile captured on camera at one of their events, and for every picture uploaded to the event’s Facebook page, Dreyer’s will donate $5 to Operation Smile. Their target is 25,000 photos, which would give 500 new smiles to 500 kids.

But, with the size of Facebook and the love of ice cream, something tells me they’ll be able to blow past that goal in no time.

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