Rock the Vote with Your Controllers, Election 2012 Hub on Xbox LIVE

I hope campaign fatigue hasn’t set in for you yet, because Microsoft, along with a few partners, is cooking up extra portions.

The Election 2012 Hub will be coming to Xbox Live soon, starting with coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. The hub will be a channel of sorts, aggregating content and video about the upcoming presidential and Congressional elections in November. Xbox Live subscribers will be able to access polls, data, and analysis, some of which hopefully won’t come from the bloviating hot-air bags that seem to dominate all things politics.

There is hope. One partner in the project is Face the Facts USA, which bills itself as a “nonpartisan, independently funded research initiative.” Face the Facts USA aims to supply facts to the young voters of the world, something that is usually in shockingly short supply come election time.

In addition to airing presidential debates, the Election 2012 Hub will allow users to participate in polls and leave feedback about news, analysis, and the presidential debates themselves. The hub will also air Conversations with the Next Generation, a series of youth town halls moderated by Chuck Todd and Chelsea Clinton and focusing on how the next generation can influence politics. We can only wait and hope that it’s not an effort chock full of irritating attempts to be hip, and actually, for a real change, attempts to treat young adults as, you know, adults.

Last, but not least, Xbox Live users will be able to register to vote locally through Rock the Vote by using Election 2012 Hub. And, prepare yourself – it’s only August. There’s still so much more fun to be had between now and November.

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