Intel and Roman Coppola Want Your Ultrabook in a Short Film

Calling all screenplay writers! Intel and W Hotels is about to offer you a chance to produce a short film, alongside Roman Coppola ( Yes, he is the son of THE Francis Ford Coppola). This once-in-a-lifetime  opportunity is part of the Four Stories competition which encourages writers to submit a script for a 10 minute short film.

The requirements for the script are pretty clear – the film must be set in a W Hotel, specifically in one of four destinations: Doha, The Maldives, Mexico City, or Washington D.C. Also, an Intel Ultrabook must be a key player in the script.

Once the screenplays have been collected, Roman Coppola and a panel of judges will choose three screenplays from the entrants, three of which will be produced by Roman’s own filmmaking company. Meanwhile, Roman will produce his own short film which will become one of the Four Stories. The final four films will debut at a red carpet premiere at events spread out around the world at select W Hotels.

So do you think you have what it takes to produce a film along side Roman Coppola. Then go ahead and submit your screenplay…

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