Move Over Gaga, Hello Kitty Hits Ten Million Friends on Facebook

Justin Bieber, Eminem and Lady Gaga all better watch out, because there is another celeb climbing the ranks on Facebook. Hello Kitty has just announced that she now has 10 million Facebook friends! And in appreciation for all of the love, Ms. Kitty is sharing several e-gifts with her virtual friends, including Facebook profile photos, timeline cover photos and desktop wallpaper.

It turns out that 93% of Hello Kitty’s Facebook ‘likes’ are from females. We can’t say that that comes as a surprise! It has also taken since 2009 for her to accumulate all this love. And here are some other interesting facts about Hello Kitty’s journey to 10 million likes –

  • 18,350 people ‘like’ Hello Kitty every day!
  • 1.1 million people interact with Hello Kitty on Facebook every month – that includes likes, shares and comments!
  • Including friends of friends, Hello Kitty’s network is 612.9 million people!
  • Each Hello Kitty post gets an average of 22,900 likes, 2,400 shares, and 1,342 comments

And for those of you who might be wondering. Hello Kitty has been a fan favorite for over 35 years. That means that she was popular way before the likes of Gaga and Eminem came on-to the scene.

Finally, what does 10 million Hello Kitty fans look like?

  • If all Hello Kitty’s fans and their Facebook friends stood one on top of another, they could reach the moon. AND back.
  • If Hello Kitty fans all lived in a single city, it would be the largest city in North America and the 13th largest in the world.
  • If everyone who read a post from Hello Kitty each month held hands, they could circle the earth almost 4 times.
  • Almost 800 people become fans of Hello Kitty on Facebook every hour.  That’s 12 people every second!

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