HelloFax Replaces Your Fax Machine with Your Inbox

We’re probably at an age where we shouldn’t need faxes at all, but we haven’t made the transition just yet. That’s too bad, because fax machines are notorious for breaking down and generally being a pain to use. Fortunately, HelloFax is neither of those things.

HelloFax allows you to upload a file by either dragging and dropping or browsing for the file. Once the file is uploaded, you can send it to a fax number or to an email address. The main reason faxes still exist is because of signatures – the need to print out an important document, sign it, and fax it back. That’s where HelloFax really becomes useful – instead of that, HelloFax allows you to upload an image of your signature in one of three ways – uploading an image file, creating a signature with your mouse, or taking a picture of your actual signature and emailing the photo to HelloFax, which will make the signature available for you to use on your account seconds after. You can drag and drop your signature into the document and fax it, or put a box on the document where you want the recipient to sign, if you’re dealing with a fellow HelloFax user.

There’s also a HelloFax plugin for Google Chrome, which allows you to integrate HelloFax with Google Drive. Integration options are also present for Box and Dropbox.

HelloFax is available by subscription or a pay-per-fax fee. If you don’t have a subscription, faxes will be $0.99 each after the first five, which are free. You’ll be able to send five signature requests per month, and will be able to send unlimited signed emails. $4.99 per month gets you 50 faxes per month, your own fax number, and bumps signature requests up to 10 per month. $9.99 per month gets you 500 faxes per month and adds the ability to fax multiple recipients, while making signature requests unlimited. $69.99 per month increases the fax allotment to 2,000 per month. Each monthly subscription also comes with a 30-day free trial.