Kindle Fire iHome iK50 Dock Because We All Need Just One More Dock in Our Homes

Because apparently, we need docks for literally everything that has an LCD screen and plays music, we have the iK50.

The iHome iK50 Dock (has there ever been a time where product names have lacked in creativity this much?) is a speaker dock made for the Kindle Fire. Sound is handled by Reson8 speaker chambers and EXB bass enhancement. You can use the iHome Sleep app to set different tones, or your own music, to use as an alarm, but chances are by this time you’ve already found an alarm clock app you prefer to use.

The dock also has an FM radio tuner, a micro USB port for charging, and a 3.5 mm jack, in case you want to use other devices with the dock’s speakers.

The iHome iK50 Dock for Kindle Fire is selling now from iHome for about $60. Good luck making space on your desk for yet another one of these things.