Intel’s Ultimate Coder Challenge: Week 3

Intel’s Ultimate Coder Challenge is a unique competition where 6 developers go head to head to develop the ultimate Ultrabook app. The challenge will continue to take place over the next few weeks, as six developers work to develop apps that take full advantage of the performance advances, graphic prowess, and touch and sensor technologies that are available in the latest generation of Ultrabooks. The developer with the best app will win a cash prize, and the title of “Intel Ultimate Coder.” I am participating as a judge in the competition, and over the past few weeks, I have been following the progress of these developers as they work to complete the ultimate Ultrabook app.

This week it seems like many of the developers are really starting to push the boundaries with the Ultrabook’s more unique technologies. That includes taking advantage of touch gestures, NFC, and using the build in accelerometer in ways that are natural to the app’s user interface.

With that said, some like Sagar and Andreas have been having difficulties at this stage, while others, like George and Suresh have made so much progress that they already have a beta preview of their MoneyBag app that is available to try out! Some other developers, including John and Lee, have also been posting videos of their progress.

MoneyBag App’s Progress – wow, they are moving fast!

Now we have to admit, that initially we were a bit skeptical at week 1, when we realized that most of these developers were not creating app ideas from scratch – but that they were simply porting over pre-existing app concepts to the Ultaboook. We almost thought that by doing that, they they were getting off easy. But as each week progresses, it is becoming more and more apparent that that is not the case at all. So while some are having difficulties, and others seem to making a lot of progress, one thing is for sure, it seems that developing for the Ultrabook really is taking these apps to a new level, and essentially reinventing them.

At the end of the day, the goal of the challenge is to utilize the Ultrabook to its maximum potential. And the developer that comes up with the most intuitive ways for their app to work on an Ultrabook, will be the one to take home the prize.

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