Turn Your iPhone or iPad into an Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station

Why get a free weather app, when you can spend about $180 on a cylinder that will do the job?

As it turns out, there are reasons, though the price tag should still give anyone pause – it’s hard to tell exactly how much utility this has for any end user. That said, the Urban Weather Station does far more than a standard weather app. The cylinder measures a whole host of meteorological information, like temperature, humidity, air pressure, and carbon dioxide levels.

Netatmo, the developers behind the Urban Weather Station, suggest that the carbon dioxide readings can “evaluate indoor air confinement” by detecting high levels of carbon dioxide in your home, suggesting when you should ventilate. It’s worth remembering that you already have a gadget for that – it’s called your nose, and it works by alerting you when your house starts to smell kinda funky.

There is one pretty cool feature on the Urban Weather Station that’s worth a look. After the device reads weather and air quality data, it can transmit that data along with your location to help form a wider weather and air quality map, that, if the device is adopted widely enough, could prove to be more detailed and up-to-date than any weather report you could watch or access online.

Extra features include a seven-day forecast, a light indicator for carbon dioxide levels, and a sound detector. The latter can alert the user if noise in the immediate vicinity is reaching harmful levels.

The Urban Weather Station comes with one indoor and one outdoor detector. It’s designed specifically for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, and works by transmitting data over a Wi-Fi connection. The Netatmo app is available for free on the iTunes App Store, and works with the device to display readings. The Urban Weather Station is selling now for $179.