Nokia’s JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker Touts NFC

Nokia and Harman have joined forces, and their first product is something designed just for phones that haven’t even hit the market yet.

Nokia is planning on selling a lot of Windows 8 phones in the near future, and that means they’re going to want to sell a lot of accessories and peripherals to go with those phones. To that end, Nokia has worked together with JBL, which is owned by Harman, to create the PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker.

The bright new speakers pack an impressive punch – up to 89 dBs, with a bass port that acts as a subwoofer. The speakers are Bluetooth compatible for all the phones that are out on the market now. But, as mentioned before, Nokia is looking ahead, specifically by including NFC compatibility. NFC isn’t in very many smartphones just yet, but that figures to change very soon, as Nokia has suggested that NFC will come standard with a large portion of their upcoming Windows 8 phones.

The speakers are charged using a USB cable, and feature a 3.5 mm jack. The PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker will be available in bright yellow, cyan, black, and white, and currently has a price tag of €149, which comes out to about $187. Pricing in the United States could, and probably will be, a little different. The speakers are scheduled to ship before the end of 2012.

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