Frighten iPhones With Your Jumbo RC Android Mascot

Thanks to this two foot tall remote controlled toy, Android can now literally run over the competition.

This kid-safe RC toy is actually an inflatable – the Google Android Pump and Play from BladezToyz comes with its own air pump and jumbo-sized, kid-friendly remote control. The toy works on three frequencies, if you want to have a three way Android bumper battle to the death.

Speaking of which, the Android Pump and Play can pick itself back up if it falls over, so that bumper battle to the death might take a while. It can also do 360 degree spins.

The Google Android Pump and Play is out of stock right now, but you can reserve one on the BladezToyz website. They will cost £44.99, or about $70, which is prohibitively expensive when you consider you can probably pick up a cheap Android smartphone for that price.

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