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Kelly Chooses Jeans Over Dylan and Brandon in Old Navy Commercial

Ok, there is nothing remotely techie about this post but I just couldn’t resist saying something about the awesomeness of these latest Old Navy ads. How many of us grew up watching the original Beverly Hills 90210? Well I was one of those true 90210 fans and believe me, I loved all the Brenda/Dylan/Kelly drama and relived it all again when 90210 started its syndication on SoapNet and then landed on DVD. So yes, you can say I‘m a bit obsessed. I mean obsessing over 90210 and gadgets go hand in hand don’t they?! Well I guess I’m stretching that last part.

Old Navy often drops pop-culture Easter eggs into their commercials by featuring TV or movie icons from over the years. So move over Blossom – Kelly, Dylan, Brandon, and even Andrea have arrived. Jason Priestley, Luke Perry, Jennie Garth, and Gabriele Carteris all make guest spots in Old Navy’s latest back to school commercials.

While the ladies have aged somewhat gracefully, the guys have had a harder time of it. Honestly, Brenda (Shannen Doherty) caught a break – because all that surfing and drinking didn’t age Mr. McKay’s face all that well. Also still intact is the classic Brandon hairstyle that Jason has been sporting for a good solid 20 years now!

The commercials border on the silly, but the heart and soul that those actors brought to the roles still glistens through the cheesiness of it all. But this time Kelly chooses the jeans…. see ya boys!

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