Lomography Diana Baby 110 Camera is Bite-Sized

Lomography can be described as the antithesis to modern digital photography. It is a movement that favors analog cameras to digital cameras and quick, spontaneous shots to the carefully measured and framed shots taken by many DSLR proponents.

It’s also a movement that has now produced a camera that fits in the palm of your hand.

The Diana Baby 110 is a tiny camera that will take the kind of technically flawed photographs that lomographers treasure. The camera is compatible with a wide-angle 12 mm lens or a 24 mm standard lens, both of which are made of plastic, because that’s the kind of cheap, imperfect material a movement like lomography practically demands.

The Diana Baby 110 uses 110 film, which can be purchased in both color and black and white varieties from the Lomography website. There’s also a socket on the top of the camera for a flash attachment if you have a PC Flash Adapter.

The Diana Baby 110 is selling from the Lomography website for $49, but that only includes the 24 mm lens. In order to get the 12 mm lens along with the camera, you’ll have to pay $59.


Sample Photo taken with Diana Baby 110

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