M-Edge Custom Jacket for iPad 3 Review

In a world with about a zillion different iPad 3 (new iPad) cases, it’s becoming more and more difficult to come out with an originally designed iPad case. So M-Edge has decided to leave that task to you! The accessory company is now offering customers the option to design their own iPad cases.

M-Edge’s online system lets you put together your own custom jacket from back to front. Using their online design tools, you can create a jacket that uses a mixture of colors, and available patterns. Plus you can upload your own images and text too. The selection of available patterns includes some very colorful and fun choices.

The custom jacket itself is made of a tough ScotchGard-treated 100% cotton linen that repels liquids and dirt. This material is complimented by a leather spine. On the inside of the jacket you get a soft cream-colored microsuede material to keep your display clean, and a plastic “uView mounting system” that is designed to hold the iPad securely in place. The uView Mounting system has a neat trick up its sleeve in the way that it lets you switch between landscape and portrait stand positions. While this system works, we do have some concerns about it, which we previously mentioned when reviewing the M-Edge Trip Jacket.

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All in all the jacket feels like it will provide ample protection for your iPad. M-Edge’s custom jacket for iPad 3 costs a reasonable $50, which is a pretty fair price for a truly customizable iPad 3 case. M-Edge also lets you design your own case for older iPads, and for the Kindle and the Nook.

The Good: Fun selection of patterns, truly customizable, tough materials, iPad can be held in both portrait and landscape positions

The Bad: uView mounting system grip is finicky, there is no strap for holding the front flap down with the back cover, no hole for camera

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