McLaren X-1 Supercar is a One of a Kind Carbon Beauty

I’m drooling. McLaren Special Operations, a division of McLaren Automotive that manufactures one–off cars, has developed a stunning piece of automobile artistry – the McLaren X-1. The McLaren X-1 is nothing short of breathtaking, if you are a car enthusiast and even if you aren’t, there is no denying that the McLaren X-1 is a must see. The supercar boasts carbon fiber throughout the vehicle in a rich piano black. Tailights are inspired by the McLaren Speed Marque logo, wheels are diamond turned with a tinted lacquer, plus it sports gorgeous hinges, aluminum bezels, Harissa Red McLaren Nappa leather seats, that all make this car a piece of moving art.

“The X-1 is 4658mm long – 109mm longer than a 12C. Width is 2097mm (with mirrors) – an increase of 188 mm. Despite the revised roofline, the height remains the same, at 1199mm. Kerb weight is almost identical (about 1400kg), as the lighter carbon body panels compensate for the greater length and width. Light weight, as with all McLaren projects, was a priority.”

So how can you get your hands on the McLaren X-1? Well you can’t because it is a one-of-a-kind supercar, and once it makes it grand debut at the Monterey Peninsular today, it will head back to MSO headquarters before it drives off to one special owner. Perhaps Bruce Wayne is adding this to his growing car collection?


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