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Watches Get Political with the Romney – Ryan Believe in America Timepiece


I love watches that make a statement for its craftsmanship, and that make an impact and are unique. But not ones that shows off my political leanings… Well Nobel Watch company is hoping you are willing to make a political statement with their latest timepiece. The Romney – Ryan “Believe in America” watch is a limited edition timepiece that obviously shows off the company’s political leanings. I guess no one taught the brand that you don’t mix politics with retail. In any case this special timepiece is water resistant and has just about as much quality craftsmanship as a child’s watch.

“Only the NOBEL name is instantly associated with man’s greatest achievements, and with the release of our new timepiece we hope to help America achieve its potential and become great once again.” Says Iszy Genuth, President and Founder of NOBEL Watches.

The Believe in America timepiece will retail for $39.99 with $4 of the proceeds being donated to the GOP, and only $1 going to veterans. And it’s nice to know that even with donations from a watch, veterans get the short end of the stick when it comes to the GOP.