Moshi iVisor XT Crystal Clear Protector for the New iPad 3 Review

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated screen protectors. I’d rather be a little more careful with my mobile device or tablet then hinder the experience of a super-smooth and vivid look and feel. The Moshi iVisor XT for iPad 2 and New iPad 3 has me rethinking screen protectors altogether. The iVisor XT makes the same claims of a protected and fingerprint-proof surface, but it’s the only protector we’ve used that maintains the look and feel of iPad’s glass face.

In the iVisor XT’s packaging is simply a screen protector and a microfiber cloth. There’s no applicator card, as it’s not necessary. The screen protector is thicker than most, and Moshi’s patented design allows for the XT to be applied without air bubbles. It has a colored border, in either white or black to match or change iPad’s face. The colored border keeps the iVisor from looking like a screen protector. It’s also the only part of the screen protector with adhesive.

Applying iVisor XT on iPad is pretty easy, especially when you realize it’s almost impossible to mess up. This is one of the only screen protectors we’ve seen that can be reapplied, so of you don’t align it right the first time, peel it off and try again. If you happen to get some finger prints or dust on the underside of iVisor, don’t fret. You can simply wash it under the sink, let it air dry, and try again. It takes a bit of work to get the underside of the screen protector to dry without watermarks and fingerprints, but it’s not impossible. The reusability is an amazing feature that adds a lot of value. You can realistically upgrade from iPad 2 to the New iPad 3 and take your screen protector with you.

From a usability standpoint, you will quickly forget that the Moshi iVisor XT is even applied. It looks and feels as if it’s not on, and iPad’s retina screen shines in its full glory. It doesn’t have that rainbow effect that other screen protectors do. The only (barely) visible drawback of iVisor is its matrix of small dots. With iPad’s screen on, this array of colorless dots is basically impossible to see. They probably have a purpose, we’re just not sure what it is.

While our iPad screen is now much more protected from scratches, it’s also a lot better at preventing fingerprints and reducing glare from sunlight. Moshi really nailed it with the iVisor XT; they’ve converted a screen-protector hater into an embracer. The Moshi iVisor XT retails for $29.95, which would be a lot for a screen protector, but being as you can reuse it (or regift it) it’s not too bad. It’s currently available from Amazon in black or white.

Update: Apparently the dot matrix on the screen is to prevent a rainbow effect. They help keep the iVisor a uniform distance from the screen.

The Good: Reusable, No Air Bubbles, Smooth, Reduces Fingerprints, Easy-to-Apply, Can Use to Change iPad’s Face Color

The Bad: Semi-Visible Dot Matrix, Takes Some Effort to Perfectly Wash and Reapply

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