Western Digital Delivers Thunderbolt Speeds with MyBook VelociRaptor Duo

Straight out of Jurassic Park comes this new external hard drive from Western Digital. Now, that’s cause for concern, because external hard drives don’t sound very exciting, and one doesn’t use the velociraptor name lightly. That’s hallowed ground.

Fortunately, the MyBook VelociRaptor Duo is exciting, to the extent that external hard drives can be exciting. This is one of many new Thunderbolt drives that will be hitting stores soon. Thunderbolt will offer speeds that blow away even USB 3.0 – as an example, Western Digital states that its drive will be able to handle the transfer of a 22 GB HD movie in 65 seconds or less.

Western Digital is touting its drive as Mac friendly, since Thunderbolt, for the most part, is only on Mac computers. That said, the Acer Aspire S5 and S7 both have Thunderbolt ports. It’s not clear whether or not it’ll be possible to use the MyBook Velociraptor Duo with those computers. Western Digital has said those running Windows on their Macs will be able to use the drive, so current and future Aspire S5 and S7 owners should be fine. On the other hand, the media professionals that will be using this drive are a lot more likely to have MacBook Pros than Aspires.

The Duo part of the name refers to the dual 10,000 RPM 1 TB hard disk drives included. Western Digital is promising that data transfer rates will be comparable to those of solid state drives. There will also be two Thunderbolt ports included on the drive, allowing users to daisy chain multiple drives without a drop in performance. Setting the drive to RAID 0 will guarantee maximum performance, while RAID 1 will automatically create two copies of every file saved.

The enormous storage size and lightning fast transfer rates gently suggest that this might not be an external hard drive for the average user. In case those two points didn’t convince you, the price will. The MyBook VelociRaptor Duo is selling for $900, and is directed squarely at multimedia and graphic design professionals. But, if you want a drive that costs as much as a pretty good computer so you can transfer and store movies and music super fast, go nuts – the drive is available in stores now.

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