iPhone App of the Week: OfferUp Makes Selling Simple for Moms

OfferUp is a user-friendly Craigslist that allows anyone to post a picture of something they want to sell. It’s aimed at simplifying the process of online selling for those who are pressed for time, which is why it’s currently being marketed towards stay-at-home moms.

Users can simply take a picture of something they want to sell, then upload it using the app. The picture can be taken directly through the app, as well. The site takes care of the categorization – all the user needs to do is create a profile, including the user’s location.

When a potential buyer sees something they like, they can send a message to the seller, and the two can agree to meet up and settle on a price. For the buyer’s convenience, each profile also includes how long it usually takes for the seller to respond to messages.

The site isn’t just for old baby things, though – anything and everything can be sold on the site, just as it is with Craigslist. The OfferUp app is available now on the iTunes App Store for free.

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