Adrienne Maloof’s OMG LED iPhone Cases Might Actually Be a Success

Adrienne Maloof of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Robert Croak, the man behind SillyBandz, had a bright idea, and they’re going to bring it to market with a red carpet launch at Kitson’s in Los Angeles.

The idea? Light-up iPhone cases.

The perhaps inelegantly-named OMG Cases come in many different designs, but all feature LED lights that are powered by the phone itself. According to the pair, the extra drain on the iPhone battery will be minimal. The draw that Maloof and Croak are banking on is that the LED lights will help women find their phones faster after those phones have been jostled to the depths of cavernous purses.

If the initial release succeeds, the duo intends on introducing iPod Touch and iPad OMG Cases, as well. For now, only LED-infused iPhone 4/4S cases are available, in one of 11 designs. The cases cost anywhere between $30 and $40. You can get them from Kitson’s or from the OMG Cases website.

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