Phosphor Gets Touchy Feely with Touch Time Watch

Phosphor isn’t impressed with the digital watches of today. In the era of smartphones, the company thinks the people deserve a little more – namely, Touch Time.

Touch Time features an LED backlit 144 x 168 resolution LCD touch screen, which allows the wearer to interact with their watch as they would with a smartphone. The display is low-power, and Phosphor claims that a single button-cell battery should power the watch for a year.

This will be Phosphor’s own creation completely, though – it won’t run Android. Instead, you’ll have native apps for time, calendar, calculator, and stopwatch, among others. You’ll be able to flip through seven different styles of digital time display, while world time allows for up to six time zones to be displayed at once.

It’s not exactly a smart watch – it’s still very much limited in what it can do, and there is no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. But, it is a fun touch watch that comes in several different styles, depending on how much you pitch in to Kickstarter. If you do choose to fund the project, you can do so with confidence – Phosphor has long eclipsed the $50,000 goal it originally set for itself. $99 will get you a Touch Time watch with a stainless steel case and a silicone strap. From there, higher quality straps and gold-dipped watches are available at higher donation amounts.

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