Prada Spazzolato Case Wraps Your iPad in Flowers and Leather for $390

If you have a little (or a lot) of extra spending cash this month, you can start toting your iPad around in luxury courtesy of Prada.

The Prada Spazzolato iPad Sleeve is made of high-quality leather, along with a grandma’s couch cover-worthy floral print. The sleeves only come in the blue and brown pictured above.

Also, they’re Prada, and that means you can probably replace the letters in Prada with five dollar signs. The Prada Spazzolato iPad Sleeve costs $390, which is more than a healthy chunk of change. If you can justify grabbing a sleeve that costs almost as much as the iPad itself, looks like your iPad is about to come up roses (or whatever kind of flowers those are supposed to be).