Remote Controller Notebook is More Fun Than the Nintendo Wii

At least you can write in this notebook, or draw, as opposed to having it collect dust on the TV stand you never bothered to take the Wii off of, because it had already blended into the background.

The new Black Notebooks from MollaSpace have a thing for everyday home living. Aside from the old-fashioned toy car remote controller, notebooks in the guises of a turntable, a stovetop, and a rearview mirror are also available. That means you can jot down your brilliant new musical compositions, compose delicious new recipes, and reflect mournfully on past mistakes, respectively. MollaSpace gets points for creativity.

All four notebooks are available on the MollaSpace online store, for $20 each. Maybe you can use the remote controller to notebook to write down all the things you wish you had bought with the money you spent on the Wii and its ocean of peripherals.

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