Rotary Phones Never Looked So Hip

We’ve seen a lot of brand new rotary-style phones playing the retro angle to drum up sales these days. Most of them are modern takes on the old classic, in terms of design and functionality. Etsy gives a little smirk at them, and says “That’s nice.”

Want a modern looking rotary phone? Of course you don’t – if you’re really looking to go retro, you need something that looks like it belongs in your grandmother’s house. Cue up this nude-colored rotary phone, which has been repurposed – excuse me, upcycled – as an iPod/iPhone speaker dock. Sadly, you can’t dial calls for your iPhone using the rotary dial, or use the handset to make calls, but the rotary phone has been fitted with two 3 watt 45 mm speakers, which reside in the handset.

Granted, what you see might not be what you get. The seller buys up all kinds of rotary phones that he can find before bringing them back to his home in Silver Lake (it had to be Silver Lake), a neighborhood in Los Angeles. He’s taking requests for colors and styles, and will try to make retro magic happen as you want it.

The Etsy time machine will take you back to the good old days of telephones for about $200.

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