ShaveTech Electric Razor Ditches the Batteries For a USB Port

Conventional plugs are increasingly going by the wayside – travel means adapters if you’re relying on AC power, while USB literally has universal in the name. For those with laptops, it’s getting much more convenient to just charge devices via USB, rather than be attached to the need for a wall outlet.

That’s why products like ShaveTech are interesting – it’s part of a wave of personal, non-computer related products that are going the way of USB. ShaveTech is an electric shaver packed into the form factor of a smartphone, and is charged using a USB dongle. The shaver comes in black and silver, and the USB charging dongle flips back up into the body when the razor is done charging.

What could be the go-to razor for traveling guys everywhere is selling for $40, which isn’t a bad price at all for a convenient, electric razor. Give it a look if you’re a guy and not a fan of the stubble.