Sifteo Cubes Go Next Gen

For the uninitiated, Sifteo Cubes are a new game system that hit stores late last year. The idea centers around three to six small, 1.7” cubes with touchscreens that can communicate with each other and have accelerometers. Controlling the games are based on manipulating the cubes’ position both by themselves and in relation to each other.

One year has passed, and now, Sifteo is preparing to launch their second generation of cubes onto the market. So far, it looks like this version will solve a lot of the issues present in the first go.

Most significantly, the new Sifteo Cubes, unlike their predecessors, will be mobile. The original cubes needed to be within range of a USB dongle attached to a PC in order to play games, because the cubes themselves lack enough internal memory for game storage. The cubes won’t store the games this time around, either. Instead, you’ll get a Sifteo Base with the purchase, which can sync with the Sifteo PC program when connected to the PC. After syncing the base, it can be taken on the road, where it will serve the same functions as the PC program – running the games and playing the audio.

As it was the first time around, the initial purchase will net you three Sifteo Cubes. This time, the cubes come with four games preloaded onto the USB dongle, which should get players playing a little faster out of the box. A fifth game is also available as a free download. This time, 12 cubes will be the maximum that can be used in any one game, up from six. Those nine extra cubes are sold separately.

Sifteo also has some new content partners, like Nickelodeon, which should bolster the appeal of Sifteo Cubes games. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game is in the works, and the creator of Magic: The Gathering is also on board to create games for the system.

There’s no word yet on whether or not the old cubes will be compatible with the new cubes. Buying in will be a little cheaper with the new Sifteo Cubes – $130 for the starter set, and $30 for each additional cube. That’s down from $150 and $50, respectively, but the whole experience will be more expensive if you decide to collect a whole 12 cube set. The new Sifteo Cubes are available for pre-order now, and are scheduled to ship sometime in November.