T-Mobile Offers New Truly Unlimited 4G Data Plan

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s going to be reality as of September 5th. That’s when T-Mobile will officially introduce unlimited 4G data plans.

T-Mobile has had unlimited data plans before, but with a big asterisk – data throttling after the crossing of certain thresholds. Not so with these new data plans, which promise no throttling of any kind. T-Mobile is offering unrestricted, unlimited 4G, with surprisingly reasonable pricing that we’ll get to a little later. For now, we do need to point out one important caveat – no data tethering will be allowed with these new plans.

The new unlimited 4G data plans will be available to new and existing T-Mobile customers. If the plan is added to a Value voice and text plan, it will cost an extra $20 per month. For those with Classic voice and text plans, unlimited 4G will cost $30 per month.

With AT&T and Verizon offering tiered data plans, and Sprint having less 4G coverage and slightly more expensive plans, T-Mobile looks like the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to getting data at good value. Hopefully we’ll see T-Mobile’s line-up of smartphones available improve to go along with the new pricing.

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  1. Notice the “mobile hotspot” is not included in this new plan. What about the people in rural areas that depend on tethering their laptop to their phone to get internet access? Not alot of options in the country. You can use up 5GB of data in a month just with normal webpage viewing, windows & antivirus & other program updates, and a few youtube videos, and don’t even think about netflix.

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