Target Selling Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin for $999 is a Mockery

Would you buy a Mockingjay pin for $999?? Well Target is certainly hoping so. The retailer is making sure that all Hunger Games fans get that, and a bunch more when the DVD and Blu-ray debut later this month. The 14-k gold pin is modeled after the same one that Katniss wears in the movie. It bears no diamonds or any other type of metal. Just solid 14-k gold.

Along with the gold adornments there will be replicas of Katniss’ hunting jacket and a lithograph autographed by Hunger Games actors. Each item is still pretty pricey at $349 and $699 respectively. These are certainly not typical Target prices. What happened to 24 big rolls of Bounty for $15 dollars?

If you can’t wait, Target has setup a dedicated area for those Hunger Games fanatics to pre-order the DVD and Blu-ray now. If you do, those sets purchased exclusively at Target will get 45 minutes of extra footage.

So get ready to start refreshing that Target website, because most of these items will only be available via Target.com starting August 18th. If you recall, the Target website didn’t fair to well with the Missoni Target debut. So anticipate a few blips once these hot, yet pricey items make their online arrival. The Mockingjay pin is really the only item you’ll have to get dressed up for, as it will be in stores on August 20. It’s good to know Target wants to see your face prior to forking over $999 for a gold pin.

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