This Hideous Little iPhone 4S Went to Market

The picture above doesn’t do this case justice. You need to hit the link to the website below and check out this case staring back at you squarely to really experience the latest horror that silicone and poor design choices have wrought upon the world.

Apologies in advance if, after this, you see the cold, dead stare of this one-eyed pig every time you close your eyes. The fact that that one eye is actually the iPhone’s camera makes it all too perfect. Zombie robot piggie is watching you. Always. I have nothing to say about where the second eye is supposed to be, because I have no idea what’s going on there.

The nose, which doubles as a holder for your earphones, is actually a pretty handy addition in and of itself. Too bad it also creates the illusion of a slightly agape mouth, increasing the horror alert meter on this squealer to Kill It With Fire.

The final act in this bit of unintentional comedy theater is the fact that pricing isn’t even publicly available. You actually need to contact Luxmo for pricing for the Sniffie Piggie case, which the company itself describes as “high-end.”

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