Live Like its 1988 with the Time Machine Dashboard Poster

Unfortunately, this poster won’t be able to guide us back to a few months ago, so we could prevent that awful Facebook hoax perpetuating the lie that June 27, 2012 was the future date that Marty and the Doc wound up traveling to.

The Personalised Time Machine Dashboard Poster, with a product description that is hilarious in its legal inability to include the words “Back to the Future,” allows you to slap a customized version of the time-traveling Delorean’s dashboard onto your wall. The three dates can be decided by you, so you can choose three significant dates from your past, or throw in one of your favorite future doomsday predictions.

But, most importantly, the poster will take you back to the simpler times of the late ’80s, which, judging from a lot of today’s fashion trends, is where most of us want to be anyway. The Personalised Time Machine Dashboard Poster is selling from Firebox now for a smidgen over $31.

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