Going to London is Cheaper Than Buying the London Underground Tent

In case you were wondering, yeah, it’s about as expensive as taking the Underground, too.

It might just be worth it, though, because this massive tent goes above and beyond standard tent expectations. Ideally for festivals or concerts, the London Underground Tent is massive, with room for up to 20 people to get a little outdoor shut-eye. You can also special-order it to have things like a DJ booth or actual bedroom partitions. Again, not your standard tent.

The outside is a replica of an Underground car on the Northern Line. I’m guessing the inside is not a replica of the Underground, so regrettably, you won’t be able to recreate the feeling of knocking out on the last train of the night after having a few too many. Too bad, because that would be perfect at those festivals and concerts.

But, as mentioned before, it isn’t cheap. The London Underground Tent itself sells for about $3,150. For that price, that tent better move like the real Underground, too. Fortunately, you can choose to rent the tent instead, for a slightly less ridiculous $790.