Win the Samsung Galaxy S III for AT&T!

The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. We recently reviewed the hot new Ice Cream Sandwich touting smartphone and were impressed with its out of the box software features, as well as it pure performance prowess. The Galaxy S III packs in a 4.8 HD Super AMOLED display, support for AT&T’s highspeed LTE network, built-in NFC, a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, and an 8MP camera. Now you can win a Samsung Galaxy S III of your own! We’re giving away the Samsung Galaxy S III for AT&T. There are several ways to enter, but you’ll get the most points and chances to enter by watching one of the videos below that focus on the new Samsung SMART TV ES8000 and leaving a comment about them. So enter below to win it for yourself!

Please note that the Samsung Galaxy S III that we are giving away here is the one we used in our review, so it has been lightly used. It does not come in a retail box.

Update 9/2/12:Congratulations to our winner – Hillary S. of Atlanta, Georgia

  • sean p callahan

    man that voice control is awesome

  • Hudi G.

    not really a big fan of voice control (just nerdy) but gesture control is pretty cool

  • Ian

    Like the voice control

  • Brianna Carper

    I like the gesture control because I’ve never been a fan of any voice control systems, lol

  • Marra Manansala

    Voice Control is awesome!

  • mike231

    How cool, voice and gesture control and a great picture!

  • curtis206

    It is now so easy to navigate the tv.

  • nkosinathi mngoma

    I like experiancing things all the time day by day, so hey this voice and gesture control it new 2me I love it en besides it nice

  • Nathan Copeland

    The TV is awesome no matter which way you control it.

  • Dennis Moore

    I think that voice control is very useful if it can be utilized while noisy in the room. It allows me to be lazy, which of course I like. By the way, I could not access the face recognition video.

  • James Kraft

    I would use the gesture control more than the voice I think

  • Amy

    I’ve been wanting the SIII so badly. *fingers crossed*

  • ajhall62

    I think controlling a tv by voice is awesome. I have twin grandsons that love playing with the remote.

  • Lathan Card

    This is the first Android phone that actually catches my attention. Would like to compare S voice to Siri and see what its life to have a larger screen.

  • Lathan Card

    Gesture and voice control aren’t just cool they make using to products feel natural and relaxed. It just works without thinking about it.

  • MAR10 B6

    The SmartTV could easily fulfill my internet needs and spell my macbook from heavy internet surfing use. Gesture control …The Future Is Near…The Future Is Now.

  • Rust Hawk

    I am super impressed with the Voice Control feature – this is truly a revolutionary advance for entertainment.

  • mark

    the gesture control is pretty cool. i wonder if i can teach my dogs to control the tv?

  • Kevin Jones

    I thinking about jumping to a droid. This would be perfect for me.

  • Jeffrey Wright

    Wow those rock. To have all that already on your TV is awesome I have a Roku Appletv and a laptop attached to my TV and it can be a pain.

  • allison ♥

    I am loving the gesture control on the new Samsung TV… Samsung is my favorite gadget-maker, HANDS DOWN. would love to upgrade to the new Galaxy S III. 😀

  • Gary Andrade

    awesome new tech

  • Hasante De Larante

    I’ll say Samsung has done it all with that technology cause it’s a whole new feeling, you get to see & use it like what we see in the movies. I just think it’s excellent how you get to do everything on a big screen in your house. It’s a beautiful feeling.

  • Alan T.

    I love the voice control feature! Sometimes I’m busy on my laptop or tablet or phone and I don’t feel like looking or messing with the remote. This feature is so cool!!! Thanks!

  • VirginiaQ

    This will be so nice for multi-tasking!

  • Scraps

    “Hi Tv, Power on.” I like.

  • Ken

    The voice control feature is totally awesome. I also always lose my remote and to control it by voice is totally great.

  • Stefanie Gladden

    I think facial recognition is so cool, It is so different and fun to use!
    fb ann lyfe

  • tweetyscute

    Voice recognition is an awesome tool

  • amanda sakovitz

    i love being able to use voice command for the tv because my remote is always lost

  • jesse mages

    The voice command is genius for the tv, i can cook while talking to my tv

  • Thomas Murphy

    Voice command is great for being able to change stations easily.

  • Elena Istomina

    I like the voice recognition

  • ewilliams1009

    Voice control is really neat!

  • Bear

    Between the gestures and the VR, If I ever acquired one of these SMART TVs I would never leave the couch

  • Stephanie

    the voice recognition looks cool

  • Kelly E

    The voice command is nice! My kids always hide the remote! 😉

  • Wendy Thompson

    Voice control would give me an hour or so of my life back every week! That’s about the length of time I spend each week looking for the remote control.

    Now the question is…what would I do with that extra hour each week? I’d love to find out.

  • Jenn

    I think voice recognition is a really neat feature – forget hunting for the remote or making sure it’s charged; I can just talk at the TV and make it do what I want. 🙂 Works for me!

  • char

    Finally no need of remote to watch TV!!! saves battery expense and saves nature too!!!

  • PudgyPanda

    no remote needed. I love the voice control!

  • sesoo

    wow this rocks

  • Madison McPheeters

    Gesture control would be so handy if I loose the remote!

  • Cole

    I wouldn’t use face recognition, I guess. Just let me get to what I want to do

  • Nora Irlandez

    Pretty cool 🙂
    Haven’t yet! can i have it?

  • Aron

    Amazing geniusphone!!

  • Aron

    Amazing geniusphone!!

  • George

    Wow, Samsung has always been a favorite technology leader for me but the latest Gesture Control feature on the new ES8000 TV takes the cake! I can hardly wait to check it out live at my local tech retailer!

  • Michelle S

    I think that is very innovative and will turn a lot of heads away from apple devices.

  • jdnorthwest

    Managing my profile by facial recognition is pretty cool. That will keep the kids out of my Penny Arcade favorites.

  • Michelle Hudak

    Facial recognition is awesome. I love that it recognizes my face and logs me into my own profile.

  • Android Developer

    Samsung Galaxy is one of my favorite….so wonderful functionality!

  • Felicia Phan

    Yipee for Gesture Control. I get to flail my arms with purpose.

  • Carol Buchman

    I “like” them all on youtube. All the new features are cool but I especially like the voice & face recognition. I really think they’d be awesome for my blind dad who has only 2%vision left but likes to listen to tv. He can’t turn the tv on or change it unless somebody is there to do it for him. He can’t even see the old “big button’ remote numbers clear enough. These awesome features would be a huge help to him & others like them!!!

  • MJBigDeal

    its cool because I will never have to worry about losing my remote.

  • MJBigDeal

    its cool because I will never have to worry about losing my remote.

  • Delia

    Facial recognition is cool. I don’t really care for voice though.. I hate talking to inanimate objects.

  • Phil Ofthefuture

    Gesture control and facial recognition are great.

  • Shaunie Wyatt

    I think the FACE RECOGNITION is cool that way no one but yourself can access your personal apps!!

  • Jillyrh

    This voice control is great because I am always losing my control too and I like to watch TV in bed and don’t like to wear my reading glasses so it’s hard to see the little print on the remote so this would be GREAT for me! Great idea!! Love it!

  • Bella Bellabella

    I love the voice control so I can stoplooking for my ,Love it

  • Guest

    Traditional remote control.. gone *poofff*. With gesture control and voice control, you are the remote control. Interactive technology with your TV, awesome!

  • Ann

    I like that it is thin, light, and can last a long time – I am a big fan. brownatural@gmaildotcom

  • Fabio

    I love all those functionalities of the Samsung smart tv! I hope it’s also possible to use the smartphone as a remote!

  • wins4me

    The face recognition is amazing!1

  • Jair

    The gesture recognition is awesome. It’s really helpful when you lose the remote.

  • li

    I like the facial recognition because you can access to your contents quickly. As for the voice and gesture control, they’re nice additions. Just depends if they’re frustrating to use. I liked all the youtube videos

  • zineb

    I think that the Control with voice and gestures using Smart Interaction are amazing

  • V.j. Monson

    I like the gesture recognition and I liked and commented on the video on yt

  • melan26

    This is another way that we could learn from those who cannot verbally speak.

  • Andrew

    Gesture control is cool because you can use it when you can’t find the remote control.

  • Raveen Dassanayake

    I like all the 3 ways.But for dumb people voice recognition will not suitable & for disables gesture will also not suit.As this awesome TV gives the chances to access in 3 ways it’s very useful.Superb

  • lakergirl213

    love it. big screen,picture looks good HD,and its fast ,