Windows Phone App of the Week: Lemon Keeps Track of All Your Receipts Sans Paper

Usually, I can work out some kind of an explanation for obscure app names, but I’m at a loss this time. I don’t know why an app called Lemon is a receipt tracker, but there it is.

Using Lemon, you can scan (read: take pictures of) receipts, allowing you to ditch the paper copies. You can also choose to enter purchases manually, if you make a lot of purchases online and want to keep track of all your spending activity in one spot.

Lemon actually becomes useful when it lets you organize receipts in categories and assign labels. After that, you can generate spending summaries, which could help you make monthly budgets. Lemon will also grant you an @lemon.com email address, where you can send all of your receipts.

There are also premium plans, including a data plan that can analyze individual items, taxes, and tips, but it seems grossly overpriced at $9 per month. There’s also a family plan and a business plan. The family plan allows you to link up 10 different Lemon accounts, while the business plan gives assistance in keeping track of expense reports. Those are $3 per month and $4 per month, respectively. Lemon itself is free, and available now on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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