Windows Phone App of the Week: Speaktoit Brings the Digital Assistant to Windows Phones

Last October, Speaktoit brought one of the first answers to Apple’s Siri to Android phones. Now, it’s bringing the same app to Windows phones – a digital assistant that (sometimes) understands natural language.

Speaktoit for Windows phones works the same way as it does for Android phones – you choose one of many available male or female assistants (or the microphone, if you don’t want to look at some cartoon character every time you want to use the app), then ask away. Speaktoit can launch apps, search for information, get directions, and send emails all using voice commands.

While the app does tout compatibility with natural language, take that with a grain of salt. No digital assistant out there, not even Siri, is particularly consistent at understanding natural queries just yet. For best results, keep in mind that the shorter and more direct your commands are, the better.

Speaktoit is available now on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The first 10,000 downloads for Windows Phone users are free, so if you want to try it out, get on it now.

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